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The Schoenstatt Movement consists of many different branches. Below you will find information about the various Schoenstatt groups in Nebraska. 

Women's Groups

The married women and mother's groups long to embody the image of Mary, the Living Monstrance. As Mary brought Jesus into the world, especially at the Visitation, we want to bring the light of Christ to all those we meet, beginning with our families. 

Leader: Ruth O'Gara

Contact Information:  402.890.9873

Female College Students

Groups of Families

Kids Playing Carnival Game

Today the image and ideal of the family are under attack. As Schoenstatt families we want to embody the true ideal of the family which God envisioned since the beginning of time. Together we can be a support for one another and in community help one another remain firm in faith embodying the ideal of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Leader: Tony and Stephanie Polk

Contact Information:  402.314.7219

Young Professional Women's Groups 

The work world can be a difficult place to keep one's faith strong. As the saying says, a flame aside from the fire will not burn long on its own, it needs to be close to the big bonfire to remain strong and fruitful. This is the reality of being a young woman in today's professional world while discerning life's biggest questions. Together we long to walk in imitation of Christ and Mary, as children of our loving Father, firm in our identity as women. 

Leader: Kayla Brion

Contact Information:  531.888.9377


Girls and Young Women's Groups

Three Friends

Today our girls and young women face many challenges that make it difficult to understand truly who they are. By growing in relationship with the Blessed Mother, we long to help our girls to discover their true identity as children and daughters of God. Whether you are 6 years old or 20 there is a place for you that will answer the needs of your heart. 

Leader: Kayla Brion

Contact Information:  531.888.9377

Boys' Groups

Currently, we have no boys' groups meeting. If you would be interested in helping to get a boys' group started again please contact the Cor Mariae Shoenstatt Center. 

Leader: Cor Mariae Schoenstatt Center

Contact Information: 402.826.3346

Students Sitting on Staircase
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