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Crown for a Crown

Sunday May 1st the Schoenstatt Community gathered at Cor Marie to enjoy a Family Day and Crowning Ceremony. The weather was perfect for out door lawn games and bubbles. The young people played cornhole, took walks and shared in conversation. The new garage, which was completed last year was a perfect spot to set up snacks and crafts out of the wind. The new parking lot was put to good use by the adults who gather to visit and enjoy some snacks.

After a restful afternoon of crafts, lawn games, sidewalk art, the best bubbles ever, and some yummy snacks, we gathered with flowers in hand for a procession to the Shrine. Inside the Shrine a flower crown was placed before the Mother Thrice Admirable and guests brought flowers to offer to the Blessed Mother. We crowned the MTA, Our Queen of Peace and Mother of Divine Mercy.

It is a long tradition in Schoenstatt to Crown the Blessed Mother. Sometimes it is out of thanks giving for a blessing or gift received. Sometimes it is a specific request for help. The first Crowning of the MTA was on December 10, 1939, Father Kentenich gave Mary the title, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt. It was a plea for help and a belief that the Mother Thrice Admirable would protect the Shrine and Schoenstatt during the dark days of World War II.

The title we give to the Blessed Mother speaks to the times in which we find ourselves. We recognize that we are in a time of great hurt and division in our nation and in our world. We gave Mary the title Queen of Peace because we believe she can lead us as individuals, our families, our nation and our world back to the Prince of Peace. We know that the Mercy of Christ is unlimited and Mary wants us to come to her Son and experience his Divine Mercy.

When we acknowledge Mary as our Queen it is an act of self-surrender. We cannot honor her as Our Queen without recognizing that we are her subjects. We place ourselves into her Motherly hands to be instruments in her service. The crown symbolizes that we are offering our lives to the Blessed Mother.

The titles given to the Blessed Mother are

as numerous as the gifts she showers down upon her children. The practice of crowning the Blessed Mother has brought many wonderful and mysterious blessings to the Schoenstatt family. Not only does the Blessed Mother accept the gift and self-offering of her children but she also acts on their behalf, as Father Kentenich liked to say, she always gives “a crown for a crown.” We honor her as the Queen of our lives and we find joy in serving her.

Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen of Peace and Mother of Divine Mercy, pray for us.

~Ruth O'Gara

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