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What is Schoenstatt?

"Schoenstatt is a Catholic movement that strives to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ after the example of the Blessed Mother. It is inspired by charisms that define its identity and mission and history of blessings and fruitfulness in keeping with a special initiative of God. To understand Schoenstatt, one can consider it as a movement of renewal, a place of grace, and a unique spirituality within the Church."

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Schoenstatt in Nebraska

 The Schoenstatt shrine can be found on 92 acres of land north of Crete on Walnut Creek in Saline County.

Schoenstatt was first introduced to the Lincoln Diocese in 1994 at the invitation of Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz. That year Sr. Marie Day established the first three Schoenstatt groups in Seward, Crete and St. Teresa’s in Lincoln. Over the next few years many new groups were formed. As the Schoenstatt Movement grew, we crowned our Mother Thrice Admirable as Queen of our Heartland in 1999, and asked her to help us erect a Schoenstatt Shrine in Nebraska. Many prayers and sacrifices were offered to the Capital of Grace to show our striving for the MTA (Mother Thrice Admirable) to make her home in Nebraska. In 2000, a small group of Cistercian Monks, who had intended to start a new monastery, decided to return to Arizona. When they left they gave the Diocese of Lincoln the Land and buildings that are now Cor Mariae. Bishop Bruskewitz offered that land to the Schoenstatt Community. There the Cor Mariae Schoenstatt Center held days of retreats, summer camps for youth and celebrations for the Schoenstatt family. In 2007, we dedicated the Cornerstone for our Shrine with the inscription, “In Corde Mariae Diligimus Ecclesiam” (In the Heart of Mary, we love the Church). In November of that year, we dedicated the Shrine and invited Our Mother Thrice Admirable to “dwell in our midst, and distribute favors, gifts, and graces in abundance...” Our Shrine is named “Cor Mariae” which is Latin for Heart of Mary. Found in the prairie heartland, the center of our country, the Blessed Mother has chosen to reveal her heart to her children in a unique way. In 2017, Bishop James Conley enthroned the Holy Spirit Symbol in the Shrine and offered Holy Mass to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. We are grateful for our “place of grace” in the heartland and we pray that our Shrine will be our “cradle of sanctity for many years to come. Visit the shrine to discover more for yourself!


Timeline of Cor Mariae

1994: Bishop Bruskewitz invited the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary to serve in the Lincoln Diocese.
1999: Crowning of the MTA with the intention of a place to build the shrine.
Cistercian Monks, who had intended to start a new monastery, decided to return to Arizona, leaving the land and buildings for the diocese. This land was then offered to the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary for a home and a shrine.
2007: Cornerstone laying and the dedication of the Shrine
2010: The dedication of the Father Kentenich Hall
2017: The installation of the Holy Spirit symbol in the shrine. 

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