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"Our Lady's heart is a safe dwelling, a safe home because God built it himself for us."

Father Joseph Kentenich

The Shrine will close at 4:00pm Saturday 5/11 and Sunday 5/12


Our Schoenstatt shrine is open daily. Winter hours are from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. 

Throughout history, God has favored places and made them special places of Grace. It is Schoenstatt's conviction that this shrine is one such place. From here God wants to give all who visit, through the hands of our Blessed Mother, three special graces:

1) The Grace of Finding a Home

2) The Grace of Inner Transformation

3) The Grace of Apostolic Zeal


Schoenstatt's spirituality is three-fold:

1) Covenant Spirituality - The whole of salvation history is rooted in the covenant. Likewise, Schoenstatt is rooted in a covenant with the Blessed Mother - an exchange of hearts, goods, and interests.

2) Marian Instrumentality - In this covenant, we express our willingness to live as instruments in the hands of God.

3) Everyday Spirituality - This way to holiness can be described as, "Doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well." 


Schoenstatt is a movement within the Catholic Church. Every member of the movement is part of a worldwide family that shares the same desire, the renewal of the world in Christ through Mary. 

As a movement, Schoenstatt is apostolic. The members of the movement have the longing to help God to reconnect faith with daily life. 

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